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M&E Services to Limerick Tunnel

M&E Services to Limerick Tunnel

We provide routine maintenance and servicing of the tunnel M&E systems.

This includes routine inspections which are typically self-performed and more detailed services where LOM manages specialist technical service providers. Systems being maintained by LOM include tunnel lighting and ventilation, fire water systems, sump pumps and drainage systems, gas detection systems, fire detection systems including tunnel linear heat detectors, air quality sensors calibrations, tunnel signage, traffic barrier and over height detection systems.

In recent years, LOM has also provided the electrical installation services for various life cycle renewals of assets and energy saving projects by the client at the Limerick Tunnel. Examples of recent life cycle works include the LED replacement of all external street lighting, LED upgrade of tunnel bore lighting, upgrade of tunnel CCTV cameras and lighting upgrades in the tunnel service buildings.


Limerick Tunnel


2015 - present

Energy efficiency

Improved by 50%

Key deliverables

  • Routine maintenance inspections and services
  • M&E Defect Repairs
  • Life Cycle Replacements and Upgrades

Streetlighting Upgrade to LED

LOM have carried out streetlighting upgrades on high speed dual carriageways and motorways on the M8 Fermoy PPP and N18 Limerick Tunnel PPP schemes. Works included the replacement of luminares from legacy high pressure sodium fittings to the latest design LED streetlights. In total, approximately 800 lights were upgraded across both Project Roads, improving energy efficiency for the road operator by approximately 50% and providing greatly improved light quality and colour definition for the road user.

All works were carried out under Chapter 8 traffic management under close liaison with the traffic management providers, with all vehicles and personnel compliant with Chapter 8 requirements. The scope of works also included the removal and recycling of previous light fittings and redundant streetlight columns demonstrating LOM’s commitment to the WEEE directive and the sustainable circular economy.

Tunnel Lighting Upgrade to LED

Lagan Operations and Maintenance Ltd  via its Lagan Electrical Team has completed the replacement of the entire Tunnel Lighting to the Limerick Tunnel. The Limerick Tunnel is a 645m tunnel on the N18 route under the River Shannon. The project comprised the replacement of 1036 no of SON light fittings with LED light fittings. The work entailed the pre-programming of the new lights, removal of the existing light trays whilst reusing the existing housing, recycling of old Lamps and internal electrical components, installation of the new LED lights and co-ordination with the tunnel SCADA system.

The new lights not only enhance the road users experience but greatly reduce the carbon impact of the tunnel lighting potentially by up to 50%. Lagan O&M Ltd and Lagan Electrical continues to work with its clients to reduce their carbon footprint via energy reviews, and system changes to accommodate Solar PV, BESS, ASHP, CHP and other renewable strategies, whether a fully integrated system utilising an appropriate mix of the above technologies including a monitoring and control software platform or a phased installation ensuring that each phase is properly considered and building to a fully integrated system over a period of time defined by the client.