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Striking a deliberate balance between innovative thinking and proactive reliability. We provide solutions made to last.

Harnessing our experience of road maintenance, construction and operations, we have expanded our operations to provide additional specialist technical services to our customers. These services now include traffic management delivery, safety barrier install and repair, electrical services, ITS and road automation, and renewable energy projects.

Operations & Maintenance

Working with an array of clients, we operate with meticulous precision and a wealth of expertise.

With clients including government agencies, local authorities, highway agencies, utilities companies, as well as private businesses and organisations, we specialise in hard asset operation and maintenance, helping with routine, periodic, and lifetime maintenance needs.

Traffic Management

We have been providing traffic management solutions across the island of Ireland for many years.

All traffic management solutions are designed and installed in accordance with NHSS Sector Schemes 12 A/B, 12C, 12D, LASNTG and all relevant legislation.

Vehicle Restraint Systems

Offering nationwide service in the UK and Ireland, we are a specialist supplier and installer.

We fulfil contracts covering the installation of safety barriers, bridge parapets, bespoke parapet systems, car park barriers, environmental acoustic barriers and temporary barrier solutions.


Innovative thinking for brighter electrical and energy saving solutions.

Leveraging the knowledge gained by our work on the Limerick Tunnel operation, we launched Lagan Electrical Services (LES) in 2015, operating as a trading company to provide dedicated mechanical and electrical services to public and private bodies.


At Lagan O&M, we’re shaping a cleaner, greener future.

Specialising in innovative alternative renewable energy including solar photovoltaic systems, battery energy storage systems, turbines, air source heat pumps and CHP, we are driving forward for a sustainable tomorrow.