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RW Solar PV and Battery System Installation

RW Solar PV and Battery System Installation

Cutting-edge lithium iron phosphate battery system at a motorway depot located in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Lagan O&M recently completed the installation of a comprehensive solar photovoltaic (PV) system paired with a cutting-edge lithium iron phosphate battery system at a motorway depot located in Kilkenny, Ireland. This sustainable energy solution not only caters to the energy demands of the depot but also contributes significantly to reducing carbon emissions.

Solar PV System Capacity

28 kW

Battery System Capacity

10 kW DC lithium iron phosphate

Solar Modules




Annual Electricity Generation

24,252 kWh per year

Emissions Avoided

11.4 tCO2e per year

Installation Details

The solar PV system is strategically installed on the roof of the motorway depot, using available space efficiently. With 70 solar modules and a single inverter, the system maximises energy production while maintaining operational simplicity. The generated electricity powers various aspects of the depot, including offices, electric vehicles, and site activities, contributing to significant cost savings, and reducing reliance on traditional grid energy sources.

The integrated lithium iron phosphate battery system enhances the efficiency and reliability of the energy solution by storing excess energy generated during peak production periods. This stored energy is then used during periods of high demand or when solar generation is reduced, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted power supply.


The implemented solar PV and battery system at the Kilkenny motorway depot has already yielded remarkable results:

  • Annual electricity generation of 24,252 kWh meets a substantial portion of the depot’s energy requirements, leading to reduced operational costs.
  • A significant reduction of 11.4 tons of CO2 emissions demonstrates the project’s positive environmental impact, contributing to Ireland’s sustainability goals and combating climate change.

Integration of SolarEdge Energy Monitoring Platform

In addition to the solar PV and battery system installation, Lagan O&M has integrated an advanced energy monitoring platform provided by SolarEdge. This innovative technology enhances the efficiency, transparency, and reliability of the entire energy solution by providing real-time insights and comprehensive data analysis.

Key Features and Benefits

Live Energy Generation Monitoring

  • The SolarEdge platform offers a detailed outlook of energy generated live, allowing stakeholders at the motorway depot to track solar production in real-time. This visibility empowers them to optimise energy usage and make informed decisions to maximise efficiency.

Energy Usage Reports

  • Detailed energy usage reports generated by the platform provide invaluable insights into consumption patterns and trends. These reports enable the depot’s management to identify areas for optimisation, implement energy-saving measures, and ultimately reduce operational costs.

Fault Detection and Description

  • The platform’s fault detection capabilities enable early identification of system irregularities or performance issues. Detailed fault descriptions provided by the SolarEdge platform facilitate prompt troubleshooting and resolution, ensuring optimal system performance and minimising downtime.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

The integration of the SolarEdge energy monitoring platform not only provides valuable insights and data but also enhances operational efficiency at the motorway depot. By leveraging real-time

information on energy generation, consumption, weather conditions, and system performance, stakeholders can make data-driven decisions to optimise energy usage, reduce waste, and enhance overall sustainability.

Future Expansion

Exciting plans are underway for the expansion of the solar installation at the motorway depot. Additional roof spaces will be utilised to potentially increase the system size up to 92 kW, further enhancing energy generation capacity and carbon savings. This expansion underscores the depot’s commitment to sustainability and sets a precedent for embracing renewable energy solutions in the region.


The solar PV and battery system installation at the Kilkenny motorway depot stands as a testament to the efficacy and viability of renewable energy solutions in commercial settings. Lagan O&M is honoured to have played a pivotal role in implementing this forward-thinking project, and we look forward to continuing our work towards greater sustainability and environmental stewardship.