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Lagan Barrier Solutions

Lagan Barrier Solutions is a specialist supplier and installers of Safety Barrier, Environmental noise barrier, Bridge Parapet, Bespoke parapet systems, Car Park Barrier and Temporary barrier solutions.

We offer a nationwide service in the UK and Ireland. Our dedicated teams are trained to the highest industry standards including Lantra NHSS 2 & 5. We possess a fleet of specialist equipment that enables us to meet our clients Key project milestones. Our experienced team fulfil our client’s requirements both from an installation and safety perspective.

Having a vast array of safety barrier systems at our disposal we offer our clients the safest and industry leading restraint systems. We offer our clients the option to install the latest innovative restraint systems for their road infrastructure network.

We offer consultation and guidance to local authorities, main contractors and maintenance providers regarding safety barrier, Bridge parapet and Environmental noise barrier systems.

We also have a wide range of Car Park and industrial barrier systems available for both installation and supply.

Safety Barrier Systems:

We are Ireland’s largest stockist of safety barrier systems. We hold in stock all the leading European manufactured systems. All systems offered are to meet requirements of EN1317 and are CE certified. Having relationships with all the leading safety barrier manufacturers this enables us to meet the requirements of the Road infrastructure within the regions which we operate.

Having a wide range of systems enables our client to choose from, Normal Containment level right up to H4B systems.

Stocking some of the latest Safety Barrier Terminals, we hold a range of Terminals that meet the needs and requirements to terminate all safety barrier systems.

Having a fleet of Post Driving machines and other industry specific plant enables us to meet the requirements of the strictest of deadlines.

Having a dedicated team of trained safety barrier installers to industries highest standards. Provides our clients with the assurance that systems are being installed by professionals therefore ensuring that the systems operate as tested when impacted by an errant vehicle.

We are also stockist for wire rope systems and both supply and install and tension the systems when required.

Noise Barrier:

Tested to IS EN 1793 and IS EN 1794. All Noise Barrier systems are fully compliant with the latest Series 300 requirements. We offer an all-embracing range of Noise barrier solutions encompassing such requirements as a certified structural and inclusive full design service to determine the most efficient noise barrier solutions available

Based on the physical properties a noise barrier may encounter a noise barrier shall be required to insulate or absorb. Therefore, careful selection of an appropriate noise barrier solution is critical to the performance provided by the chosen system. Where design dictates Noise Barriers should absorb the noise striking their surface ensuring that the noise reflected is minimal. All barriers must be able to insulate effectively.

We offer combined safety barrier and Noise barrier systems also tested to EN1317 & EN1793 and EN1794.

Bridge Parapet:

We have a wide range of Bridge Parapet systems available. We offer various Containments levels in both Aluminium and Steel. All Systems are CE certified and are in accordance with En1317.

Working with the leading manufacturers in this area we provide our clients with the most effective and safest systems and containment levels.

We are also providers of Pedestrian Parapets.

Should you require something more bespoke we are able to work with our suppliers and manufacturers to meet the needs and requirements of your scheme to provide you with unique products.

We work with our clients to identify solutions prior to and during design thus enabling efficient and effective installation of products.

Having trained experienced professionals allows us to provide a full and comprehensive package to our clients.

Slipform Concrete:

Lagan Barrier Solutions offer specialist slipform concrete services to the construction industry. We supply and install CE accredited concrete barrier systems and a full suite of drainage solutions. All barrier systems are installed in compliance with EN1317 and have undergone a rigorous testing regime. We offer several sections of barrier including wide bodied to accommodate lighting columns. We have vast experience of installing various widths of V Channel and slot drain including the outfalls and chambers. Lagan Barrier Solutions have an extensive in-house resource including mobile concrete plants to provide a one stop solution to clients.

Please contact any member of our experienced team to discuss your requirements

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