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Operations & Maintenance

We go beyond the final delivery of a project to provide ongoing care and support, ensuring customers achieve maximum value returns throughout the life cycle of their facilities.

We combine a range of flexible support services to create tailored packages of support for our customers, whether as part of an ongoing Public Private Partnership project or on behalf of private independent, local authority or government owners of facilities.

We specialise in hard asset operation and maintenance, supporting government, local authorities, highway agencies and utilities companies alongside private businesses and other organisations with their routine periodic and life time maintenance requirements.

Working in partnership with customers, we take care of their outsourced assets and treat their investments as our own. We are dedicated to delivering a first-class service and to achieving a positive impact on the environments and communities where we operate.

We aim to add value, increase efficiency and improve service delivery to customers in every area where we work – striving to produce cost savings and achieve improved quality.

In addition to maintenance works we also offer our clients the ability to undertake and deliver small scale civil engineering or building works to complement the delivery of our maintenance activities. By drawing upon our civil engineering background and expertise we can provide clients with a first-class maintenance service and a one stop shop for any elements of works they may need with the assurance that it can be delivered by the same team.

At Lagan Operations & Maintenance we have a proven track record in managing the long-term operations and maintenance of major infrastructure and buildings. We work in several areas including roads and highways, car parks, leisure facilities, shopping centres, retail and business parks, residential developments, commercial offices and educational establishments.

Developing bespoke solutions for public and private sector organisations to support business and communities.

Lagan Operations & Maintenance has been successfully delivering the operation and maintenance of roads for the last six years. We currently operate the Fermoy and Limerick projects on behalf of the concessionaries in a term contract arrangement. We also assist local authorities with the management of their roads.

Typical responsibilities include:

  • Routine daily inspections and reporting of the road and associated structures, drainage and furniture
  • Repairs identified in routine daily inspections – both temporary and permanent
  • Environmental management – drainage, gully emptying and sweeping, sludge removal, ponds maintenance, roadkill removal and disposal of debris and other objects
  • Landscape management – grass/shrub/tree cutting, management and weed control
  • 24-hour incident response – road incidents, incident reaction management, liaison with emergency services, clearance of resultant debris, temporary and permanent repairs and vehicle removal
  • Electrical apparatus – lighting/signage, cleaning and lamp changes, cleaning and monitoring of emergency roadside telephones and other communications systems.
  • Furniture and signage – cleaning and repairs, barrier repairs, road markings and stud repairs
  • Winter maintenance – monitoring of weather conditions and treatment decisions i.e. Interpreting weather data from weather stations, forecasts, actual conditions and software, salt spreading treatments and snow clearance.

As a natural cross over from the maintenance of roads and highways, Lagan Operations & Maintenance Limited also offers a management and maintenance service for external areas associated with retail and business parks, shopping centres, commercial offices, leisure facilities and educational institutions.

This covers a range of activities but principally includes:

  • Environmental management – drainage, gully emptying and car park/road sweeping, sludge removal from foul water treatment facilities/septic tanks, roadkill removal and disposal, litter picking and disposal, debris and object removal and disposal and pest control.
  • Cleaning of surfaces, signage, glazing or cladding
  • Landscape management – e.g. Gardening, grass and tree cutting, weeding and removal of leaves
  • Maintenance of surfacing and markings
  • Electrical apparatus – lighting/signage, cleaning and lamp changes
  • Temporary and permanent repairs identified because of routine daily inspections – e.g. Car park furniture (gates, fencing, bollards, barriers and signs)
  • 24-hour service – in response to incidents and winter maintenance requirements such as salt treatment to surfaces

We also work with businesses and organisations across key sectors to provide a reliable and economical critical support services package for their facilities.

With mounting pressures to get the best value from investments, our teams have the experience and skills to understand the needs of customers in order to deliver the right level of maintenance management support.

Operating predominantly in hard support services, we work with customers to assess their everyday requirements and develop appropriately tailored service packages, all delivered in line with pre-agreed contracts.

Customers see benefits in enhanced quality and improved performance of their operational environments as well as greater value for money.

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